We do not identify ourselves as a sustainable fashion brand, we are committed and strive to
day by day for being a truly sustainable brand, not only in theory but also in practice. Since before its creation, at L - A -D we decided to base ourselves on the design principles of "less but better" with the aim of creating "everything tomorrow's gadgets", today.



More than 2 years ago we began to imagine how we could make sustainable footwear, made with recycled, natural materials that are less harmful to the environment. Today we continue to explore new ecological materials that allow us to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible. In our quest to create ecological shoes and sneakers, L - A - D collaborates closely with artisans, technicians and specialized laboratories to develop, test and implement new eco-friendly processes and materials that guarantee that our footwear provides a real solution, avoids greenwashing and relant fashion consumption through slow fashion and slow manufacturing initiatives.


Our "Pre order" initiative allows us to understand that everything we do has an impact on people and the planet. With your help, we can foster a better and smarter way to shop. What is Preorder?

The "drops" format ensures that we maintain healthy stock levels without increasing inventory to levels that exceed production needs, so we never have large amounts of items in stock.


We only use high quality skins that are by-products of the meat sector from traceable suppliers. We do not use exotic or endangered species skins.

Our lining is made of chrome-free Italian leather. The best of our skins in contact with you.

We avoid the use of dangerous chemicals during the leather manufacturing process.

We work with suppliers that are members of the Leather Working Group (LWG), an organization that is improving the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying tanneries.

We are testing different leathers, vegan leathers and biodegradable materials to reduce chemicals and our ecological footprint.


We use recycled, natural, and renewable materials with a longer-lasting, easier-to-maintain appearance.

Collected from trees, rubber is a natural raw material with high resistance to breakage and abrasion, which results in an ideal waterproof material for soles.

For our collection of permanent hybrid sneakers, we have introduced an environmentally friendly eva, which minimizes production waste. Sourced from plants using solar energy systems, where each and every component is checked and tested to the highest safety standards, achieving materials without harmful solvents or heavy metals allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of our soles are XL EXTRALIGHT®. A closed cell foam material, whose commitment to sustainability is guaranteed by its adherence to Federchimica's “Responsible Care” project. This material is free of heavy metals, phthalates, chromium, cadmium or harmful substances.


We only use paper that is FSC certified or made from at least 50% recycled materials in our eco-friendly packaging.

From design we tirelessly strive to minimize the amount of virgin materials and constantly improve the shopping experience.

As part of our purpose to take care of you and the planet, we changed the shoe dust bag as we know it for a reusable bag functionally designed to optimize the materials in its manufacture, reducing waste to 3.4% (96.6% of the material is used).

Our goal is to use recycled polyester and cotton or textiles made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the oceans; instead of virgin raw materials in all the fabrics of our collections.


We study each component before incorporating it into our products, prioritizing durability, versatility and consistency.

Our template does not contain harmful products, heavy metals, restricted substances or unregulated raw materials.

The production process consumes a low amount of energy and its durability allows increasing the useful life of the product as well as reducing the use of energy due to its performance.

Our insoles can be recycled after their useful life by shredding and reincorporation into new foams or incinerated under controlled conditions.


As a brand based on the desire to explore daily life, business and travel, the creation of all our articles starts from how we imagine, design and make the most of materials to manufacture all our artifacts: footwear, tennis accessories, packaging , clothing, e-commerce, even marketing models. At each stage of the creative process, we assess the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle. We integrate recycled, natural, and bio-based materials to preserve biodiversity, consume less energy in production to combat climate change, and strive to be a sustainable fashion brand designed and handmade in Mexico.

Empaque sustentable hecho de cartón reciclado | L - A - D®


Our box has a sustainable and aesthetic design to take care of your footwear or store it in your closet. At least 80% of our product packaging is made from eco-friendly materials and FSC certified papers, retaining a beautiful, luxurious and reusable feel.

Bolsa ecológica reutilizable de tela | L - A - D®


Designed to always carry it with you. Our ecological fabric bag is compact and resistant for shopping and has been functionally designed to optimize the consumption of materials for its manufacture, reducing waste to 3.4%.

Ecodiseño | L - A - D®


We are committed to creating sustainable, durable and versatile products, following ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, so that you can use them all day, from MONDAY - TO - SUNDAY .



Everything we do has an impact on people and the planet. Our main objective is to create all the artifacts of tomorrow: footwear, sneakers and accessories made with a mixture of high-end natural and recycled materials, epitomes of modernity and functionality.

From the lat. arte factum 'made with art'.
m. Object or product specially built with a certain technique for a certain purpose.


Our goal is to achieve that at least 50% of the total of our sneakers and accessories marketed by our brand in 2023 are made with a mixture of natural, recycled, renewable, biodegradable and/or low-impact materials; prioritizing local suppliers that have sustainable certificates and allow us optimal energy management of manufacturing, storage, logistics of materials and contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

We work to maximize the use of verifiable recycled materials wherever possible and ensure that all our brand packaging is made from paper, recycled cardboard and cellulose that includes FSC certification, avoiding plastic content and use.

As well as making it easier for customers to reuse and recycle our packaging through the use of containers made from materials from plastic bottles and highly resistant and recyclable raw materials.

Maximize the use of local raw materials for the manufacture of our sustainable footwear and clothing as growth, technology and local supply allow us.

Maintain a hyperlocal lean manufacturing, to meet the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders around the brand, while reducing inequality by generating decent jobs for all employees, including flexible hours and salaries above the maximum in the industry.

We will continue our work to further reduce our impact on the world, from eliminating all virgin plastic to closing our production cycle at zero impact. It will not be easy. But all the things that are worthwhile rarely are.


We believe that our main responsibility is to create items that you value and can enjoy for a long time. The first step to ensure the durability of your footwear is proper care. Explore our recommendations to help you extend the life of your shoes. Know more .


Start by cleaning your leather products with a slightly damp or almost dry cloth. Follow up with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust. When the leather looks too damaged or aged, treat the top layer of the leather with a high-quality shoe cream, always making sure to use the correct shade and avoiding contact with the sole.

02 SOLE.

Always use clean water without any chemicals. It is important that the water is not hot, as this could dissolve certain types of glue. Clean with a cloth or a soft brush the dirt and dry. In the case of white-soled sneakers, a damp cloth and a soft brush will take care of most stains. If this doesn't work, spray white vinegar on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes before brushing it off with a toothbrush.


Regularly brush your shoes to ensure they have as little dirt and dust as possible. If you use a special suede brush, use the softest part of the brush using only circular motions, this will ensure that you don't scratch the suede. Try to regularly apply a high-quality suede or suede protector spray.


Use a brush to remove dirt and dust before you begin cleaning the fabric. Remove the laces from your footwear, use warm water, neutral soap and a soft brush to clean the textile. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the surface and remove any remaining foam. Let dry in the open air, avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Avoid machine washing.

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